🎉 What's New

The VOXO Team is always working to bring you new and exciting features to Omnia. Below you will find all of the new changes and release dates. Check back often for the latest!

Release 1.151


  • Users can now configure multi-factor authentication for their accounts. Options include VOXO email, SMS, and Authenticator app.

  • Organizations can now enforce multi-factor authentication for all users in their account.

  • Added visibility for 10DLC brand and campaign information

  • New notifications for 10DLC brand and campaign related events

  • Fixed an issue with adding devices in extension device settings

  • Resolved issue with incorrectly displayed 911 address in extension settings

Release 1.150


  • Call flow diagram now include time durations between events.

  • The operator panel visibility is now controllable with a new user permission found in user settings.

  • New configurable webhook for call recording events in account settings.

  • Number porting now includes a field to specify the billing telephone number (BTN) when creating a port order.

  • Fixed an issue where personal contacts could not be added.

  • Fixed an issue with Polycom provisioning related to incorrect timezone setting.

  • Fixed an issue where incorrect voicemail timestamps would show on the mobile app for some users.

  • Fixed an issue for incorrectly expiring scheduled report links.

  • Fixed an issue where form state may not clear correctly for media file creation.

  • Fixed an issue with sorting the phone numbers tables by use.

  • Fixed issues with showing the incorrect online/offline status of devices and extensions.

Release 1.131


  • Emergency locations now require map verification

  • Map locations are now generated when viewing an emergency location

Release 1.127


  • A new setting for queues has been introduced to allow agent call pickup. This will extend call pickup capabilities from only queue managers to all agents that service the queue

  • Media Files Text To Speech: When text to speech is generated and saved as the media file, the text is saved and populated when editing the media file.

  • Automatic payments management is now available in Billing -> Payment Methods

Release 1.120


  • Support chat has been moved. Users should select 'get help' from the the top right avatar dropdown menu

  • Paging extension types now require e911 location assignment

Release 1.119


  • Daily extension count tracking with selectable date range is now available in the billing module.

  • Scheduled reporting features are now available for call records, queue summary, agent activity, and queue log modules. CSV reports can be configured to deliver daily, weekly, and monthly with applied filter settings.

  • Callback reporting is now available in the queue activity and queue summary reporting modules

  • Metrics reporting the number of calls under and over a configured hold time are now available in the queue summary module

  • Queue withdraw events are now included in queue log and queue inbound metrics have been updated to reflect inbound calls that are withdrawn

  • Addressed an issue that allows an extension's additional destinations to route to the same extension

  • Fixed an issue preventing a new voicemail voicemail creation for an existing extension

  • Fixed an issue where audio files may get disconnected or lost on media file edit.

Release 1.116


  • Reporting features can now be disabled for account admin user roles

  • Outbound recording features can now be modified from bulk extension editing

  • Button layouts can now be mass assigned to phone models in devices bulk editing

  • Additional fields are included when exporting the extensions table

Release 1.114

  • Queue managers can now withdraw and pick up calls from the waiting call list on the queue manager dashboard

  • Admins can now select an existing media file from an account when assigning greets to a voicemail box

  • During account creation, billing phone number may now be included

  • Email and application faxing now supports a comma-separated number list for sending a single fax to multiple numbers

  • Campaign registry brand registration now supports a website field

  • Addresses an issue where softphone transfer features may fail

  • Addresses an issue where dialing DTMF digits from the softphone during an outbound call could fail

Release 1.107


New VOXO Meet Features
  • Emoji in chat

  • Reactions

  • Raise hand

  • Breakout rooms

  • Creation of custom phonebooks for desk phone provisioning is now available

  • Auto port rejection for accounts is now configurable by platform administrators in account settings for applicable accounts.

Release 1.105


  • SSO options for Microsoft and Google

  • Queue reporting now includes the ability to feature data sets by call tag.

  • Addressed a bug related to virtual receptionist greetings being unintentionally removed

  • Fixed an issue related to SSO redirects for partner platforms

  • Fixed an issue with mac address formatting related to bulk adding of devices

  • Addressed an issue with improper order of data in the billing views

  • Addressed a performance issue for the queue agent dashboard

Release 1.97


  • Omnia quick transfer

    • New button in the connected call widget to transfer from softphone to another device (mobile app / desk phone)

  • Bulk device setting is now possible along with bulk device reboot after modifying a particular setting.

  • New global account settings for enabling a global wrap up time for agents across all queues

  • Users are now required to verify account pricing before confirming a new account creation

  • Queue log reporting

    • Custom call tags are now available and reports can be filtered by them.

  • Phone Number Ordering

    • Users can now request numbers with any number of wildcard characters they wish instead of a fixed (npa)-nxx based on rate center.

    • Toll free numbers also allow wildcard characters to query a certain pattern of number options

  • Addressed an issue affecting feature codes for queue login functionality

  • Addressed an issue causing incorrect extension status to be shown intermittently in the extensions table

  • Addressed a bug causing partner admin role users to not be able to modify 911 locations

  • Fixed a bug that would cause billing partner inventory to not export correctly

  • Fixed a provisioning issue where phones would provision line assignment in incorrect order

  • Fixed a bug in virtual receptionists where the media file could unintentionally be removed.

  • Fixed bug on billing history plot where data was mismatched on the last 12 months.

Release 1.92


  • Queue manager dashboard (live stats) additions

    • New agent controls for logging in / out and pausing / unpausing agents

    • New widget to show agent totals across all queues selected in the dashboard

  • Ability to bulk update a device setting for a given phone model across all an account's devices

  • Fixed an issue related to media files and saving a previously created virtual receptionist

Release 1.88


  • Bulk extensions edit now includes bulk setting for outbound fax

  • Queue Manager Dashboard Improvements

    • New widget is available for listing the active call information for the queues.

    • Longest current duration metric has been added to the active calls widget.

  • Agent pause functionality has been simplified in the queue agent dashboard experience.

    agent pause

    Quick Select For Agent Pause Reasons

  • Fixed a bug related to properly displaying the caller id name for phone numbers

  • Addressed an issue where users might experience missing UI elements such as the toolbar or navigation.

  • Addressed an issue for users receiving 'No Extension Assigned' error.

  • Addressed a provisioning issue for button layouts

Release 1.82


Added Updated
  • Omnia application now leverages user current location when making calls to emergency services

  • UI Improvements to extensions create and edit modules

  • E911 Location services have been migrated to support nomadic location.

  • Voicemails are now downloadable in the user panel's my activity section.

  • Lat/Lng coordinates are now included in call detail records for the purposes of recording location sent for emergency purposes.

  • Extensions improvements

    • A new setting allowing users to choose whether to include an extension in the dial by name directory

    • A new setting allowing users to control whether or not an extension should appear in the default directory

  • Queue manager permissions enhancements

    • New setting to enable reporting admin features for queue manager roles on queue manager create and edit.

  • Performance improvements for devices and extensions pages

  • Addressed an issue related user roles and account security when managed 911 locations for accounts

  • Addressed a bug where updating voicemails properly from the my activity section of the user panel was not working as expected

  • Fixed an issue related to incorrect timestamps for sms messages

  • Fixed an issue where caller ID name would not be displayed properly for toll free numbers

  • Fixed an issue for queue exit keys by removing invalid key options of # and *.

Release 1.81


  • User call activity will now reflect missed calls to a user's direct dial number

  • When an extension is created, automatically generated voicemail boxes will adhere to account default timezone.

  • Device creation now supports a bulk method

  • Improvements for the 'more' tab on the mobile application.

  • Fixed sort method for longest current hold in the queue dashboard waiting calls metric

  • Addressed a bug in virtual receptionists where media files could sometime be unintentionally removed.

Release 1.80


  • Updates to the drag and drop queue manager dashboard

    • Waiting calls widget now includes longest wait time information for calls currently in queue

    • New waiting call list widget to view real time data of calls currently in queue

    • The agents table will now default to logged in agents

    • The agents table is now exportable

  • Historical reporting data is now capable of displaying date ranges for up to one year

  • Addressed an issue for partner admins managing other users of partner admin role

  • Fixed a rendering bug for call flow designer where the canvas controls would not display

  • Resolved an issue where toll free number ordering would fail with invalid data error

Release 1.73


Added Updated
  • Account settings now include a setting to specify if an account is a residential account

  • Several updates to task generation handling in Salesforce Dialer integration

  • Queue summary reporting table now includes unique inbound counts

  • Manage payment methods for your account

Release 1.70


  • The call summary section of reporting now includes 6 month and 1 year heat maps for inbound and outbound calls.

  • The ability to create media files using text to speech is now available for media file creation.

  • Fixed some bugs related to validation when updating account settings

  • Addressed an issue for phone provisioning directory fetching

Release 1.66


  • Beta release of new visual call flow designer tool. Admins can now visually draw call flows and assign them as routing destinations.

    edit call flow
  • Yealink devices now support multiple button layout assignments.

    • Button layouts can now be assigned to the phone and sidecar modules.

  • Addressed an issue where extension status was not being presented properly.

Release 1.65


  • Extensions table now includes an online / offline indicator

  • Extensions table now includes a do not disturb (DND) indicator

  • Time of day enhancement

    • For Use Global type time of days, options will be presented not only from the platform globals, but also from the time of days in a partner parent account.

  • Porting views enhancements

    • Port in request views now have the capability to select an order date range and filter by order status

  • Call records now include extension or number that answered the call.

  • Bulk extension create changes

    • Device name and account number fields have been included.

    • A new csv example has been provided for download when hovering the import button

  • Addressed an issue causing a SQL error when creating a new extension

  • Fixed an issue where queue managers would have access to nav items not intended for their role

  • Fixed an issue related to long loading time when loading an extension's setting form.

  • Fixed an issue where conference rooms were not displaying its destination relations.

Release 1.64


  • Omnia call outcomes feature

    • If enabled for the account, users can enable the new Omnia call outcomes feature.

    • This feature prompts the user on call end to select a call outcome to be applied to the call detail record

    • This feature also includes reporting tools for filtering call summary plots and records by a specified call outcome for outcomes listed in the account.

    • New call outcome data included in call record exports

      edit account
      Account Settings
      call outcome report
      Call Outcome Report
      user settings
      User Settings
      filter settings
      Filter Settings
      call records
      Call Records
  • Account -> Devices view has been updated to indicate online/offline status of a device and the registered device user agent

  • Time of days of type 'Week Time' can now observe global, partner, and account level calendar constraints

    • This allows admins to configure custom holiday or other calendar schedules for the time of day to reference while determining routing.

  • Addressed an issue where extension creation could fail due to special characters in the name

Release 1.63


  • User event tracking for common user application interactions for admins and report admins.

    • Located at Reports -> User Logs

  • 10DLC automations

    • Brand registration

    • Automated campaign creation and number provisioning

  • Toll free port ordering

  • Toll free number ordering

  • Add order documents to port orders

  • Updated partner porting page to include 'Next Port' date column

Release 1.62


  • New SMS logs feature for admins and reports admins to view SMS history for account extensions.

    • Located at Reports -> SMS Logs

  • New speech detection feature for virtual receptionist option selection

  • Addressed several bugs related to incorrect data in call flow diagrams

  • Fixed an issue with date selection for time of day override settings

  • Addressed a validation issue for extension bulk creation and recording settings

  • Added ability to view registered devices for 'paging' type extension

  • Extended the queue manager role to include control of agent list and some agent settings for a manager's assigned queues

  • Modified the user panel queues section to default to the agent activity tab

  • Added additional keys for yealink keys settings for a total of up to 27 key settings

  • Enhancements to white label partner billing view

Release 1.50


  • New option to pause / resume recording of a call from the connected call widget

    pause resume

    Pause / Resume recording softphone feature

  • Call summary activity plots updated to allow for plotting different distributions (daily, hourly, monthly)

  • Call summary plots are now exportable to csv

  • Queue agents in the queue agent activity dashboard are now listed by call order by default.

  • Added call recording email field to extensions and phone numbers modules for users to specify email destinations for recordings.

  • Fixed an issue where the draggable incoming call prompt could still cause some UI interaction blocking

  • Addressed an issue where listen/coach features could bridge unintended audio while trying to execute the feature on a call that is not yet connected.

    • Listen / Coach feature will only be available for a confirmed connected call

Release 1.48

  • incoming call prompt is no longer blocking and can be freely dragged around the screen

  • enhancements to voice campaigns

    • voice campaigns now support voicemail detection

    • calling hours for which a campaign is allowed to dial may now be configured

    • campaigns may be marked paused or be deleted while running, resulting in suspension of processing calls

    • campaign processing will now observe the start and end date, allowing the campaign to span multiple days within the defined calling hours settings

  • fixed an issue where call flow would not load for some queue log calls

Release 1.40


  • New port out request notifications for partner accounts.

  • New port out request view in Omnia to view port out order details as well as approve and reject the order request

  • New options in devices view to request deletion of a device's local config (for yealink devices)

  • New option in devices view to send remote factory reset to device (for yealink devices)

  • Updated the 'In Use' notification to display the entity using the number or mac address when hovering over the notification

  • Enhanced address validation for e911 creation to include address candidate options when an exact match could not be found

  • Billing code added to account details table for white label partners in the Omnia billing section

  • Fixed an issue in my activity call history where caller id would not properly display for internal calls

  • Fixed an issue where audit logs for a specific record could be polluted with activity not related to the record being viewed.

  • Fixed an issue where filtering fax records by phone number would fail to return data properly

  • Fixed an issue with Wire Tap functionality that would result in improperly filtered traffic

  • Fixed a destination selector issue for Queue automation options where queue options would not be provided for selection

Release 1.35


  • New billing view for applicable account types for users to view billing history, account breakdowns, and download current and past invoices.

  • Performance improvements to destination selector

  • Fixed issue with queue manager role where virtual receptionist menu item would render

  • Fixed an issue with phone number routing where destination selectors would not render properly

  • Fixed an issue where listen / coach functionality would fail to originate

Release 1.30

  • User Extension Forwarding: Users can now unconditionally forward their extension to a 10-digit number of their choice.

  • New call frequency configuration parameter for voice campaigns that allows user to configure the time between calls to campaign numbers.

  • Added handling of white label partner pricing.

  • Improved handling of larger call flow diagrams by limiting event nodes to maximum of 75. Larger flows will offer use export to CSV option.

  • Increase scrollbar size for more ease of scrolling in tables with overflow

  • Fixed an issue where unintended ring back could be triggered for outbound softphone calls

  • Softphone bug fixes and stability improvements

  • Fixed an issue where caller id information would not update properly after a completed attended transfer.

Release 1.25

  • Filtering by call unique ID is now available for reporting logs in call summary, queues, and virtual receptionists.

  • The dashboard call report plot has been adjusted to show 'Presented' inbound calls only to help give a quicker overview of answer efficiency for calls that actually rang an endpoint capable of handling the call

  • Addressed an issue where users might not receive real time events pertaining to queue dashboard stats.

  • Fixed a bug where creating a new partner account could fail due to bill day error

Release 1.23


  • Plantronics headset integration - allows basic answer / hangup call controls from headset buttons

    • User can enable setting from profile preferences

    • The Plantronics hub must be installed and running. You can download it here.

    • Headsets must be paired via USB adapter

  • Improved csv export performance on paginated reporting modules

  • Softphone bug fixes and stability improvements

Release 1.2


  • Added new option for users to select their inbound ring tone

  • Add new 'What's New' link to account dropdown for easy linking to the Omnia change log.

  • Resolved an issue where the extension list would not render for bulk edit when selecting 'Unassigned' branch.

  • Fixed an issue where click to call events could cause unintended multiple dials to the same number.

Release 1.1.090


  • Call / SMS campaign creation and management is now available in Omnia

  • Ability to download local configuration files for applicable devices from the devices table

  • Resolved an issue where certain queue dashboards stats were not properly updating in real time