Add a Speed Dial Contact

Instructions on how to add a speed dial or "busy lamp field" contact to the phone's main screen

Your VOXO phone comes with 10 available busy lamp fields or speed dial slots. There are an additional three pages of contact buttons if desired. Your administrator can add a contact to these fields, or you can add them by following these steps:

Hold down the busy lamp field or slot where you want a contact to be displayed. Use the arrows to scroll right until you see type “BLF”. Scroll down to “Label” and use the numeric keys to enter the contact’s name. Then scroll down to “Value” and enter the contact’s extension. After you’ve entered all the info in, press save.

Busy Lamp Field contacts are those contacts that have extensions within your network or organization. If you want to add someone outside of your organization you can add a Speed Dial contact by following the same steps under the type “Speed Dial”, however instead of placing an extension here, you can place your contact’s phone number. This is a great way to add cell phone numbers or other numbers that are outside of your organization.

If you would like to use more than the 10 available fields on the main screen of your handset, you can add more pages by going to “Menu” - “Features” - “DSS Keys”. Select the related line key. For this example it will be Line 12. You can then add the contact. This is also where you can set other functions, like intercom (discussed in another article).

Note: The 10th Busy Lamp Field should be left blank if you're going to add more pages. This field will be used to scroll through the pages on the handset's main screen.