How do Time of Day's work?

Short article explaining the common use case of Time of Days (TOD)

A 'Time of Day' or 'TOD' for short , is a feature in VOXO that is used to route calls based on a time condition and can be found at The most common use case for this feature is to route calls to an after hours service or voicemail when a caller calls in outside of your business' hours. In this article I will show how this can be setup and implemented in your business' call route.

Once at , you can get started by clicking 'Add New' to create a new Time of Day condition. This will then prompt you to provide a 'Name' and TOD 'Type'. In this example, I have named my TOD 'Business Hours' and have selected the 'Weektime' condition type. Now that my type has been selected, I can choose an optional weektime preset or create my own custom weektime. I have selected the Monday - Friday preset and then specified my business' hours.

tod generalTOD General

TOD General Now that we have specified our business' hours of operation , we need to navigate to the 'Routing' tab to specify where calls need to be directed within or outside this time frame. In this example, I am sending calls to a group of users during business hours , and routing calls to a voicemail box outside of business hours. Once your destinations have been set, you can complete your setup by clicking the 'Save' button in your top right hand corner.

tod routingTOD Routing

TOD Routing Lastly, now that we have a basic TOD created , we can implement this time condition by assigning it as a destination to a phone number. Being that this TOD is a preliminary filter it will need to be the first destination in a call's routing - pictured below

DID assignmentDID Assignment

DID Assignment Now that this TOD has been assigned , we have completed the setup of our call routing. Any caller dialing the above number will successfully route to a group of agents between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm and to a voicemail box outside of this time frame.