How To: Factory Reset (Polycom 400 series)

Instructions on how to reset a Polycom VVX 400, 410, 415 to factory mode.

You may need to reset your phone for various reasons. The below instructions show how to factory reset if you do not know your admin. password.

  1. Power cycle the phone: Simultaneously press and hold 0 1 3 dial pad keys* until a confirmation tone is heard (or for about three seconds).

  2. Press Cancel soft key during the boot process.
  3. During the countdown, simultaneously press and hold the 1 3 5 dial pad keys until the password prompt appears.

  4. Enter the MAC ID of the phone. (The MAC ID/address should be visible on a label on the underside of the phone.)

  5. Press OK.

The phone will power cycle and you should have a factory reset phone. Your MAC ID is available upon request, or you can see it in your VOXO Portal if you have access.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your VOXO Support team.