Headset Issue: Cannot Hear / Be Heard

Troubleshooting audio issue of not being heard on app.voxo.co calls

Fix microphone problems

Firse thing you will want to do will be to make sure your correct audio device is selected in OMNIA. When clicking the small arrow found on your headset icon, you will be prompted with a list of audio devices to choose from

fix microphone

If you are having trouble with your microphone features, the following information can help you troubleshoot and resolve issues.

Make sure apps have access to the microphone

access to the microphone

If your microphone isn't detected after updating Windows 10, you may need to give your apps permission to use it.

  • To let apps access the microphone, select Start ,then select Settings > Privacy > Microphone . Select Change, then turn on Allow apps to access your microphone.

  • After allowing access to the microphone, you can choose which Microsoft Store apps can access these features under

    Choose which Microsoft Store apps can access your microphone

    , and give access to non-Microsoft-Store desktop apps by ensuring that the switch beneath Allow desktop apps to access your microphone is set to On.

Others can't hear me

Try the following solutions:

  • If your headset has a Mute button, make sure it isn't active.
  • Make sure that your microphone or headset is connected correctly to your computer.

  • Make sure that your microphone or headset is the system default recording device. Here's how to do this in Windows 10:

  1. Select Start , then select Settings > System > Sound.

  2. In Input, ensure your microphone is selected in Choose your input device.

  3. To test your microphone, speak into it and check Test your microphone to make sure Windows is hearing you.

others can't hear me

If the above is correct the issue could be the cause of a Google Chrome permission

Allowing Microphone for applications in Google Chrome

Open Chrome .

  1. At the top right, click More Settings.

  2. Under "Privacy and security," click Site settings.

  3. Click Camera or Microphone:

    1. Turn on or off Ask before accessing.

    2. Review your blocked and allowed sites.
    3. To remove an existing exception or permission: To the right of the site, click Delete.

    4. To allow a site that you already blocked: Under "Blocked," select the site's name and change the camera or microphone permission to "Allow."

If issue persists, the final step in troubleshooting will be to run the Window's Troubleshooter. This can be found using the following steps:

  1. Select Settings
  2. Select System
  3. Go to the 'Sound' tab
  4. You will find both Input and Output settings here - Troubleshooter will be found below these settings

    window troubleshoot