How To: Conference Call (VOXO Meet)

Instructions on conference calling

If you have a situation where you need to conference in a 3rd caller, you can do this by simply by pressing “Conference” while on a call. The caller will be placed on hold, and you can then dial the number or extension you wish to conference in. Once you have the 3rd party on the phone, you can then press “Conference” once more and all three callers will be connected.

It's possible to 'daisy chain' several conference calls if multiple users are using their VOXO phones to conference, however if you would like to conference more than three callers, it’s best to use the VOXO Meet app by simply going to and sharing the link provided at the bottom right of the screen.

The VOXO Meet App can be downloaded on your iOS or Android device for free. Persons you are conferencing do not have to be a VOXO customer to join the conference. This is the best advantage of using VOXO Meet over other video and audio conferencing services. You can also add a Chrome Plugin for scheduling VOXO Meet calls. This is available in the Chrome Plugin Store.