How to Allow Notifications

Enabling notifications on Window's 10

There are many causes for notifications to be blocked on a Window's 10 machine, to start let's make sure that your notifications are turned on in OMNIA. To do so follow the steps below
  1. First, click your profile in the top right corner of and navigate to "Settings"

  2. Here you have three options below ( My Profile, My Devices, Preferences). We will go into Preferences and confirm Notifications are turned on (The green button to the right will indicate they are on).

After these settings are confirmed, we will check Google Chrome settings
  1. First select the three dots in the top right of your Google Chrome browser and select settings

  2. From here navigate to Privacy and Security on the left panel and then Site Settings

  3. Under Permissions you should see Notification settings. Select this and make sure is under the list labeled "Allowed"

  4. You can select the site under this list for more detailed information on the site settings. Make sure Notifications are set to "Allow"

    allow notification
If confirming the above settings still is not resulting in notifications, then Window's 10 is likely blocking them. The following steps will walk you through getting this resolved

Notifications & Actions

  1. First go to your Window's settings and select System

  2. On the left panel you will find Notifications & Actions

  3. This page will contain a list of applications and control whether or not they are allowed to send notifications. Towards the bottom you will find Google Chrome

  4. Make sure Google Chrome is turned to "On" and select it for more detailed information on your notification settings

Focus Assist

  1. Navigate to your Window's settings and select System

  2. On the left panel you will find Focus Assist

  3. Focus Assist can block notifications, if you are still not receiving notifications make sure this setting is set to "Off"