How To: Transfer a Call

Description of both Consultative and Blind Transfer

There are a couple of different ways you can transfer an incoming or existing call. One way is to “Blind Transfer” meaning that the intended recipient is unaware that you are transferring the call to them.

Your VOXO phone is already programmed to automatically transfer via “Blind Transfer”.

To do this, simply press the transfer button while on a call, then simply dial the intended recipient’s extension or press their Busy Lamp Field/ Speed Dial button. If the recipient is already programmed into your Speed Dial field, the call will automatically transfer. If not, then simply press “B Transfer” for the call to transfer after you've entered the appropriate number.

Another way to transfer a call is via “Consultative Transfer” or "Attended Transfer". This allows you to give the intended recipient a heads up that a call is coming their way, or to check to see if they’re available to take a call.

To do this, place the caller on hold, then dial the intended recipient’s extension and press send. You will be connected with the intended recipient to find out if they want to take the call or not. If yes, then press transfer.