Mobile App DoNotDisturb

Short how-to so your mobile app will stop ringing

Due to a recent IOS patch, the iPhone's DND no longer has effect on your VOXO Mobile application. If you would like to have some peace and quiet and keep that Mobile app from ringing, follow the steps below!

  1. Open your Mobile application and navigate to the "Keypad" tab

    keypad tab
  2. Select the settings icon in the top right hand corner to enter your Mobile applications settings

    mobile applications settings
  3. From here you'll see a setting called "Incoming Calls". This is the setting that will control whether or not you are receiving calls to your Mobile Application. If you would like to not receive calls, simply turn Incoming Calls to "Off"

    incoming call to off

To enable calls again, you will simply follow these steps and select "Push Notifications"